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Baby room 0-2

The baby room aims to give children a cosy and safe environment in which to explore.

Promoting physical development, early language and emotional wellbeing to ensure your child has the best start at nursery and reassure parents as they return to work.


Meal times

We encourage all of our babies to eat together, to promote the social aspect of meal times.



Practitioners are trained to work with parents and help you on your weaning journey,

We aim to mirror what you are doing at home to give your child the smoothest transition.


If your child requires a nap whilst at nursery as part of their daily routine,   we have cots and floor beds, clean bedding will be used for each child.


At Queensbury, outdoor play is just as important as any indoor activity and are we feel extremely lucky to have a wonderful large, safe and secure play area.

The play area is split into many different play experiences to encompass all areas of the EYFS, we have a fantastic mud kitchen, role play shops and a sensory garden.

So all we ask is that you bring hats and sunglasses on warm days, wellington boots and raincoats on rainy days and coats, hats, scarves and gloves on the cold days and then we can make the most of our beautiful play area and get the exercise we need whatever the weather.



Staff give high priority to children's emotional security and expertly help them to prepare for their next stage of learning and the move to a new room. Staff plan this transition meticulously to ensure that children have the skills and confidence to manage the change successfully.

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